Our programs and workshops on customer oriented health care innovation reinvigorate and energize your organization.

Wearables, robotization, e-health, virtual reality, online treatment platforms, big data. Health care trends are evolving more rapidly than ever. These developments have a large impact on your customers and employees. And offer plenty of opportunities to increase customer value. But what is it exactly that the customer wants? Do you have the courage to be open and above board in your customer approach? To stick out your neck and actually create value yourself? Use the Tools for Courage® Power Tools A magnificent set of tools.

The Tools for Courage® methodology

Tools for Courage® formats are inspiring, playful, positive and challenge you to be creative and to co-create.

Tools for Courage® Patient Journey Workshop

Get to know one of our most valued and most used Power Tools

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Tools for Courage® Power Tools

We bring you powerful trainings, workshops and toolkits: our power tools.

  • Safe and inclusive setting inviting you to participate
  • Connecting with the inner happy child
  • Adaptable to diverse preferred styles as there are various formats and materials
  • Focus on relevant output: actual case studies, from participants’ own work practice
  • Active: learning by doing
  • Feedback and positive reinforcement
  • Support for putting the new knowledge into practice

Tools for courage® How to e-health trainings

Practical trainings and workshops such as this one:

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Customers with courage

  • Tools for Courage® has a creative and dynamic approach to tackling problems and an eye for the interaction with stakeholders. In addition to clarity, surprise and wonder are also fitting words to describe Tools for Courage® The product is tailored to the participants’ needs, so they can get the most out of it and can optimally adapt the customer journey. The approach and cooperation are pleasant, open and innovative.

    — Strategy Project Leader, Jeroen Bosch Hospital —
  • At the GGzE eLab we use the Tools for Courage® tools. And these tools make one very, very happy. Tools for Courage® focuses solely on what matters, it brings out the best in participants. At last, a truly clear approach for how we can do things differently tomorrow.

    — Innovation Manager, GGzE —
  • It was a well thought out workshop that delivered concrete results. I’m so proud of all that we’re developing at the moment.

    — Practitioner, Mondriaan Zorggroep —
  • Thank you for the inspiring workshop! I was very surprised at the creative process involved. As this creativity is also one of my fields of interest this further stimulated my motivation.

    — Experiential Expert, Adult Care GGzE —

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Enjoy innovating with experienced partners

Tools for Courage® has a mission. Our drive to help care givers and their clients comes from our hearts. Tools for Courage® springs from a personal mission: ‘Enabling self management and participation through social and technological innovation‘. We belief that anyone committed to consistently providing patients and clients with the best aid possible deserves excellent tools for innovation. We know that innovation is an endurance sport. That may suddenly require very specific expertise. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. We’ll help you.

Karin van den Berkmortel | service@toolsvoormoed.club

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